We are already very experienced at working under the kind of restrictions that are now required by the Covid-19 outbreak. Our working methods and skilled use of technology means that the design process/conversation between architect and client can still be conducted smoothly and effectively.


Three years ago, we undertook a project (Richmond House) where we were challenged to produce a fully coordinated design without ever being able to access the site. The first time we stepped on site was when the foundations were being laid. We were able to achieve this feat through our innovative use of technology. We combined laser scans with our use of virtual reality and our bespoke CAD software to recreate the site on computers and thereby visit the site virtually. This, alongside traditional methods of site investigation, allowed us to interrogate the site and produce a building that was commended by the head of the local planning committee as “one of the finest pieces of contemporary architecture that has been presented to this committee”. The image below illustrates the process of generating a Virtual Reality space from the laser scans. The individual points of the scan are converted into solid meshes, textures are then created and applied and finally site specific daylight is added.


During the design process we will create and send to you virtual models of your house or building that you can 'walk' through, much like on Google Street View. We can also hold meetings with you remotely rather than in person. See our About page for more details of our working methods and the Virtual Reality page for examples of the virtual model walk-throughs.