richmond house

Richmond House is a stunning contemporary property that provides our clients with a forever family home and capitalises on the natural features of its location on the boundary of Richmond Park in South West London. We were responsible for all aspects of the project: architectural, interior and landscape design, from concept to completion.


The existing property on the site was of low architectural quality, had poor light levels and did not allow for the open plan living our clients were looking for. Starting afresh with a new proposal not only achieved the family's aspirations, but was also more cost effective than a refurbishment as it could benefit from the government’s VAT rebate on new-build homes.


The existing property was positioned towards the front of the site, meaning the property had a north facing garden and was therefore in shadow for most of the day. The first move was to relocate the building towards the back of the site to create a south facing garden with all main rooms facing on to this. These rooms are now all bathed in light throughout the day, and have uninterrupted views out across Richmond Park. The views are exceptional and completely unique to the property.


Positioning the house towards the back of the site had two additional benefits. Firstly, it meant the house was further away from the busy neighbouring roads and was therefore quieter and more private. Secondly, the site was lower at the back than the front, so we were able to secure a house that was three storeys high rather than two, as the new structure is now lower overall than the previous property. This saved costs as a basement was no longer required and value was added to the property through the extra storey.


The property is built to last and is highly energy efficient, exceeding standards by a minimum of 35%.