"Team rma acting in their capacity as Architect, Lead Designer, Landscape Architect and Interior Architects have been working on an incredibly complex bespoke new-build private house. The team at rma have worked tirelessly, with meticulous attention to detail which has resulted in a stunning outturn product. During the early stages of the project, the 3D virtual model that has been created proved invaluable in helping develop the design and assisting the clients understanding of how the finished product could look. This helped greatly in obtaining approval from the client in terms of materiality selection.


The team at rma have worked extremely well with the team and indeed have pushed the other designers to help ensure the architecture of the building is not compromised by design. Whilst challenging, this has resulted in a truly one off piece of architectural merit.


The project included a protracted planning application which ended up going to committee and resulted in the head of planning commenting that the scheme 'is one of the finest examples of architecture' he had seen in his career on the planning committee. Whilst contentious (from a planning perspective) the scheme was debated very little at committee as the design had been so carefully thought through to ensure the building minimised impact on the surrounding area."


Ross Van Ot


Davenport Associates



"My partner and I have been looking for a new house for the past 9 months. We discovered a property that was close to what we wanted, but our purchase was really contingent on being able to extend and develop the property to maximise the space.


We undertook a one day workshop with Alex to try and develop our initial ideas and understand if what we wanted to do was possible. Alex exceeded our expectations and worked with our very scant outline and descriptors to really meet our needs, yet in a more efficient and aesthetically appealing way.


In that short space of time Alex transformed our ideas and produced a brilliant solution that would simply not have occurred to us. It achieved exactly what we were aiming to do and then some. Alex proposed a design that would not only achieve an overall more favourable aesthetic than our original ideas, but would also be more cost effective too.


We are now proceeding with the sale and are looking forward to the next stage of making Alex’s vision a reality."


Edward Tricker

Private Client