virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has an integral role in our working method 'Engage, Experience & Understand', enabling us to communicate with our clients in a way drawings and images never could. VR gives our clients confidence and surety throughout the process as they have an increased level of understanding and engagement with their project. For further information on how we use VR as part of our workflow, please see the “How We Work” section on the about page of the website.


"the virtual reality really helped us understand every space"


Private Client, Richmond House


We create virtual 3D copies of your house and though the use of specialist equipment, such as a googles with a screen inside and hand controls (as illustrated below), you can engage with this model as if it were a real building i.e. a virtual reality. We can change everything from the lighting, materials, the time of day to furniture arrangements all whilst you are standing in the spaces. This allows you to be truly involved and engaged with the design process and ultimately gives you the satisfaction of knowing what will be delivered. We have been employing the use of VR in construction and design for a number of years and its benefits cannot be understated.

VR in use on Richmond House using a headset, sensors and hand controls.

Photomerge - Snapshot from VR overlaid with photo during construction

Experience VR at Home


We use high powered computers and expensive equipment to create high quality realistic VR environments that you can walk through and engage with, however you too can experience a form of VR in your own home using just your smartphone and a £10 VR viewer from Amazon. This type of VR is a static VR experience meaning you cannot move around or change any of the materials, but you will feel as though you are in a completely different environment. Using your smartphone, please follow this link (will open a new page) to an example VR space. Turn your mobile sideways, tap on the goggles button on the right and place your phone into the VR viewer.



Experience a Virtual Walk-Through at Home


We also create 3D virtual walk-throughs that can be experienced without the need for any specialist equipment. Unlike VR you won't feel as if you are in the space, but they are still a very useful tool for illustrating what the spaces will look like and how they will flow from one to another. With these walk-throughs you can change the lighting conditions so you can see the building at different times of the day. To see a walk-through version of the VR space shown above please follow this link (opens a new window) and use the log in details:



This is must be experienced on a laptop or desktop. The models are quite detailed and take a little while to load, so please give them a minute or two to do so. When it loads please follow the instructions shown to move around. Click on the eye logo in the top right to change how you move around and the time of day.


If you would like to have the full virtual reality experience and or have a project that you think would benefit from this approach, please get in touch as we would be happy to come and meet you with our mobile VR set up.