To be a good architect requires a combination of hard-headed practicality and head-in-the-clouds imagination. You can’t cheat physics and you can’t cheat on costs: your buildings have to stand up, complete on time and be affordable. But you also want them to work well, be inspiring and be beautiful. You need to satisfy all these criteria: this is a challenge we relish.
Building projects are also a significant journey for both client, architect and the wider team which make them happen. The story of an architectural practice is one of accumulating skills and experience so that you are ready to fulfil the demands of your next brief. At Richard Markland Architects we have been carefully assembling a team and undertaking commissions which equip us to successfully undertake a wide range of projects from small house refurbishments right through to large urban scale masterplans. The accompanying exposure to different types of client, team structures and procurement methods gives us the grounding, insight and flexibility to formulate the right approach to new projects.
As well as getting the right people you need the right process. Organisation and communication are key. For over twenty years we have been developing and refining our system to deliver the best service we can to our clients. At the design stage architecture primarily relies on visual communication. We have worked hard to refine our working method which centres around a detailed three dimensional computer model to present design proposals in a clear and informative way. Our clients tell us they value this approach as it gives them confidence in understanding their project at every stage. Recently we have started using virtual reality to take immersion into proposals one step further.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss new projects to find out if we are the right architect to deliver a client’s aspirations.