2017 -
London, UK
Private residential
Under construction

The owners wish to create a new family home. Not satisfied the existing house is taking best advantage of its unique location at the entrance to Richmond Park they invited us to look at the site afresh.
Analysing the site reveals a number of complementary potentials. The first strategic decision is to locate the main living spaces towards the north end of the plot in order to create a south facing garden. This in turn aligns the desired views into the garden with those to Richmond Park beyond. This action also forms an entrance court to the north of the house and offers the opportunity to extend eastwards at ground level. The composition is completed by a bedroom wing which extends to meet the building line along Priory Lane. As the upper floors of the main volume pick up the building line along Roehampton Gate the house engages with its context to create a open corner suggesting the extension of the space of the park into the residential urban block.
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